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Home Pool
The entertaining complex with the largest beach in the region of Bansko and Dobrinishte is “Alpha Spa and pool”.

Enjoy the warm sun beams in blend of fresh mountain air with an open mineral swimming pool, in setting of silence, beauty quietness.

You can swim in the pool dip in the warm mineral water as rejoicing at the nature. In the bars of the complex in the water to the pool, at the tower over the swimming pool or just next to the water you can enjoy attractive cocktails or the beverages refresh as well drinks.

Except for the big swimming pool, the complex offer happiness for yours little guests also – small pool with mineral water.
Completely indigenous child’s pool where the kids swim at liberty is the true entertainment for them and relax for their parents. Your kids play in the water while you are eating or taking a break in the open bar of the beach without stop look at them.

Not only pleasure, but a health also. The pool combines the pleasure of having a bath with curative influence of mineral water.
Sinking in the mineral pool rehabilitate the power after a physical loading, decrease the level of stress, reduce traumas and cricks.

In the winter you can have incredibly experience when you have a bath in pool full with hot mineral water or you can enjoy the splendid view of people having bath in the pool, surrounded with snow-drifts.

The center is supply with mineral water of own spring. The water is filtered by installation suit requirements.